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Increase your sales - Higher completion rates - Maximum sales

Odoo supports you with the organization of your sales with very little effort. Follow-up of phone calls and meetings. Analyze the quality of your leads to make good decisions. By integrating your email program into Odoo, you also save time that you can use to grow your business.

Sales planning according to your wishes

With Odoo CRM you can track your sales opportunities and represent in the clear Kanban view. Editing your sales plan or the visual processing of information, and an overview of the opportunities and expected revenues is quickly and easily viewed with Odoo.

Sales planning in odoo
Social Networks in ODOO

Social Networks in Odoo

Integrate social networks into your sales process. Odoo offers you the chance, e.g. an overview of the social media page to create LinkedIn, to get easy and fast interesting contacts. You also have the option to load the data directly into your address book.

Lead Management with Odoo

You can easily create leads from received emails. Odoo helps you to analyze the leads, and lets you compare the success of campaigns, sales planning, or sales teams. Find duplicates, link leads, and assign them to the sales representative. Reduce the cost of administrative activities to have more time for your leads.

Lead Management with ODOO
Organize Sales Opportunities with ODOO

Organize sales opportunities with Odoo

With the Odoo customer relationship management, you can organize your sales opportunities to identify the best business. You have the option to check your customer contacts from sales talks, emails, phone calls, notes, meetings and offers. Track your chances and be notified of new events directly from Odoo to stay up-to-date.

E-Mail integration and automation

Use the option to continue to work with the e-mail programs that you already know and use. It is not relevant whether you use Microsoft Outlook or Gmail in the company. You can still use the familiar tools to get your current workflow. Simply forward the incoming emails automatically or sort and filter your mails automatically. Odoo receives your incoming e-mails and forwards them to the corresponding sales teams. In doing so, Odoo continually creates leads and notifies you of your sales representative automatically.

E-Mail Integration
planning meetings and phone calls

Common agenda

Odoo helps you to plan your meetings and phone calls through an integrated agenda. Involve colleagues in the agenda at a glance. As a manager, you can quickly see what your team is working on. 

Lead-automation and marketing campaigns - More success in sales by automating tasks

The Odoo CRM module gives you the opportunity to create marketing campaigns to track acquisition contacts and automate promotions. In Odoo you can define automated tasks for the internal and external sales of your sales. For example, a telephone call can be assigned to a salesperson or a task for sending an e-mail can be issued if, for example, no activity has been recorded for 20 days. With this helpful support, you can optimize your processes and be able to make predictive decisions when it comes to investing in marketing activities in your company.

Lead-automation and marketing campaigns
Customizing Sales Process in odoo

Customizing a sales process

Individualize your sales process by adapting the sales phases according to your sales concept. Use the possibilities in Odoo to control the data by means of statistics and forecasts and thus increase your sales efficiency of the CRM activities.    

Reports and dashboards - gain access to the right information to make better decisions

You can create custom dashboards to obtain at a glance an overview of your sales activities. Odoo provides real-time reports that can create and share every employee. Get detailed insights and high quality statistics about your business.

sale Reports and Dashboards in odoo
sales goals and challenges

Higher sales through gamification increase competitiveness by promotion

Take advantage of the habits of your customers and increase your profits through reward systems or linked games. Define clear goals and challenges for your sales and check the success of your actions.

Sales ranking

Draw particularly talented sellers to increase the motivation and ambition of your sales team.

sales targets
Sales Personal Goal

Personal goal

Assign individual and clear targets your vendors and adjust the sales of your business goals to.

Sales reports

With Odoo CRM module you can compare earnings with forecast and budget in real time.

sales forecast

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